Thursday, January 30, 2014

Eastern San Blas Photos

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wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Wings in San Blas Islands

Visiting Yauala Island

Palm Bush on Yauala

Yauala Forest

Yauala Forest 2


Freight Boat In Nargana

Canoe and Don Jorge Freight Boat

Island In the Sun

White Sand and Coconut Palms

Judy on the island

We saw this small white sand island in the distance and visited there by dingy. Judy explored the whole place in about five minutes. She found a still life of sea shells and added some to it.


Shells 2


Kuna home on the beach

A family was living on another island. They keep it beautiful. In the morning they rake the sand.

Late Sun and yachts anchored in San Blas


Wings and the Mountains of Panama

These high hills in the back of us seem permently shouded in mist. We wonder was mysteries they hide?

Good Night

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Photos From Kunayala

Monday, January 06, 2014


Entrance to the reserve

At Isla Boquerón on Colombia's coast, near Punta San Bernardo, is a nature reserve, Manglar Reserva Sanquare. We found a canal through the mangroves which took us to a large salt water lake which was quiet, but we saw only a few birds here. Some tourist fly fishermen were here but we did not see them catch anything.

Manglar Nature Reserve


Beating out of the Gulf of Morrosquillo

Sailing was good even if the wind direction was not the perfect one we had counted on. Here we pass some ships anchored far out in the gulf.

Anchored in Sapzurro

One day later, Sapzurro, in the Department of Darien, Colombia. Panama is a couple of miles away. This is on the Isthmus of Panama, and also the impassable portion which interrupts the Pan American Highway





Judy found a place to relax in the small restaurant in the forest where we had more ceviche with Colombian friends we met.

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