Thursday, January 30, 2014

Eastern San Blas Photos

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wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Wings in San Blas Islands

Visiting Yauala Island

Palm Bush on Yauala

Yauala Forest

Yauala Forest 2


Freight Boat In Nargana

Canoe and Don Jorge Freight Boat

Island In the Sun

White Sand and Coconut Palms

Judy on the island

We saw this small white sand island in the distance and visited there by dingy. Judy explored the whole place in about five minutes. She found a still life of sea shells and added some to it.


Shells 2


Kuna home on the beach

A family was living on another island. They keep it beautiful. In the morning they rake the sand.

Late Sun and yachts anchored in San Blas


Wings and the Mountains of Panama

These high hills in the back of us seem permently shouded in mist. We wonder was mysteries they hide?

Good Night

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course the last picture, good night, is my favorite, but the islands do look magical.
I can hardly believe the sand. It all looks untouched and so very peaceful.
Probably no dancing there, huh?
I raise my glass ( a very good Pinot Noir) and even if my eyes are closed, after seeing your pictures I can share your visions.
Lil sis

11:13 AM GMT+8  

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