Monday, January 06, 2014


Entrance to the reserve

At Isla Boquerón on Colombia's coast, near Punta San Bernardo, is a nature reserve, Manglar Reserva Sanquare. We found a canal through the mangroves which took us to a large salt water lake which was quiet, but we saw only a few birds here. Some tourist fly fishermen were here but we did not see them catch anything.

Manglar Nature Reserve


Beating out of the Gulf of Morrosquillo

Sailing was good even if the wind direction was not the perfect one we had counted on. Here we pass some ships anchored far out in the gulf.

Anchored in Sapzurro

One day later, Sapzurro, in the Department of Darien, Colombia. Panama is a couple of miles away. This is on the Isthmus of Panama, and also the impassable portion which interrupts the Pan American Highway





Judy found a place to relax in the small restaurant in the forest where we had more ceviche with Colombian friends we met.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful. I think of the hundreds maybe thousands of little harbors and towns you have traveled to over the years and how amazing it is that each one is different.
Judy looks very comfy in that hammock. From your route, you seem to ba getting farther wear and closer to home. I hope so.
Be safe. Stay in the hammock for a while.
Love ya, lil sis

8:28 AM GMT+8  

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