Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sailing the Tehuantepec and Arriving in Huatalco, Plus the Road Block

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wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Judy works the Pole


We didn't put up an awning so Judy stood her watch with an umbrella.

Turtle dives next to boat
Along the shore from the Tehuantepec to Huatulco we saw lots of wild life, including many turtles.


Taking out the oil with a hand pump, not a fun job

Putting in new oil

Huatulco Bay

Judy looks

Cactus and View


Road Block

On the drive back we ran into this road block on a bridge just inside Oaxaca State. The road was backed up with big trucks for a mile or more but we followed some cars to the front and found this scene. The other end of the bridge had a similar blockage.

Moto taxi youths



Army arrives

Army meets protestors

The soldiers walked onto the bridge and we saw them talking with a collection of the older Moto-Taxi drivers. When the army left a few minutes later, the word went around that it would be over in ten minutes. A few minutes later two police cars arrived, there was some sort of announcement which included the words, "cinco pesos", which brought up a cheer from the Moto-Taxi drivers, then they cleared the blockage and all drove away. The policemen directed traffic. Being at the front of the line, we got through first, but for at least two miles on the other side we saw trucks and cars still stopped, waiting.

Since then we have seen nothing in the papers about this event. So our takeaway is that it is pretty normal in Mexico. These drivers wanted a raise so they blocked the road. The police and army talked to them but didn't take any strong action, and apparently the tactics of the Moto-Taxi drivers worked.

One side note: The army guys came, talked, then left, but when the blockade was cleared they came back and went directly to the front of the line. in fact we followed them through. Interesting. I think that it was a negotiation: The army said, "You have to break this up". The Moto-Taxi drivers said, "Not while you're standing here with the guns, you leave first." And that's what happened.

Army meets protestors

Its over

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Missing the Tehuantepec Window

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Weather Window

What this graphic shows are the two weather windows for our travel across the Tehuantepec. The two black boxes represent time we would be on the water. The one on the left was Friday's window, which we preferred, and the one on the right is Monday's, which we get. The colors are wind strengths, green being good wind, white, no wind, and yellow and red, too much wind. There are columns for several weather forecasting sites. The Black Line across the middle of the boxes shows when we expect to be actually crossing the Tehuantepec.

Neither of these views is too bad, sometimes the whole picture would be dark crimson, which is really a no-go.

wingssail images-fredrick roswold

While killing time last week we took another trip to the mountains, to another coffee farm called Argovia. The road was rough and it rained.

Chrysler at Argovia

Bad Raod

Road block

Argovia's Restaurant



Killing Time


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Saturday, November 01, 2014

More Boat Work in Chiapas

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wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Judy Looks Up

Sailing in Light Air


Showing the Roach

Looks small, right? See below.

OK, We can go in now

Marina Chiapas


Measuring Luff

Measuring Foot

Measuring MGM

We measured carefully. We found that the new mainsail from Fareast Sails did not match the Layout they sent us, and which we agreed to. It is several inches small. If you want a cheap sail and want to take a chance, you can try these guys, but if you want a sail which fits, and want to deal with guys who stand behind their work, I don't recommend FarEast Sails.

Mast Head Units

Epoxy Too Hot


Oaxacca Street

Judy and the Singer

Art Gallery

Wall Art


Route to Huatulco
This is what we must avoid: Big winds coming out of the Bay of Tehuantepec, otherwise known as Tehuantepeckers.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Repair List, September 2014

  • Bottom Job
  • Replaced Backing Plate/Spacer Speedometer Through-hull
  • Replaced Sea-Cock Saltwater Intake
  • Serviced and rebedded Saltwater Intake Through-Hull Fitting
  • Repaired 2 Damaged Keel areas (from long line Fishing incident)
  • Repaired 2 dozen or so Minor Hull Blisters
  • Replaced Missing Engine Intake Screen
  • Sanded & Painted Bottom
  • Mainsail
  • Purchased, Installed & Measured New Dacron Mainsail
  • Replaced Headboard Slug New Mainsail
  • Winches
  • Serviced 4 Major Winches
  • Repaired 2 Corroded Winch Bases
  • Modified Port Secondary three speed shift lever
  • Other Jobs
  • Repaired or replaced 4 Bug Screens
  • Sewed and Repaired Kevlar Mainsail Delamination at leech below 2nd reef
  • Cleaned and waxed Mast Aloft
  • Replaced Compass light & Wireing
  • Serviced Mercury Motor steering pivot
  • Re-Taped 3 Halyards
  • Serviced BBQ Gas Control
  • Changed Engine oil
  • Cleaned and painted 2 Cowl Vents
  • Serviced 8 Halyard & Sheet shackles
  • Repaired 4 Interior lights
  • Repaired Speaker Connection, Stbd Woofer
  • Inspected & Serviced Water Heater control valves
  • Sewed Torn US Ensign
  • Sewed 2 Mexican Courtesy Flags
  • Sewed Torn Laundry Bag
  • Digitized 6 Nautical Charts for Mexican Coast
  • Inspected 2 Rigging Components Aloft
  • Installed New gas BBQ
  • Replaced Sewing Machine Bobbin Case
  • Installed 2 New Water Catchment Pipes


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Boat Work in Chiapas

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wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Quiet Afternoon in Marina Chiapas

Sometimes we take a break from work. We spent one afternoon at the beach.

Judy at Playa Linda

Judy in the water

wingssail image-judy d jensenFred at the Beach


We had concerns about the new mainsail from Fareast sails. Measuring confirmed that they made a big error. The girths, MGU and MGM, measured short and the roach was tiny, not large as we had ordered. Too bad Fareast Sails are denying responsibility.

Measuring Mainsail


Foot of mainsail

Winch servicing: Always a big job

Winches Ready for Cleaning

Brush with Gasolene

New Bug Screens

Judy Sewing Bug Screen


Enrique Lifts Wings

Hull Looks Clean

Power Wash

Rain Halts Work


Geraldo & Momo remove Zinc


Ready for Relaunch

We stayed in Tapachula at Casa Mexicana

Volcana Tacana from Tapachula Street

Judy at Casa Mexicana

Casa Mexicana



Jungle in Courtyard


Room at Casa Mexicana

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