Monday, October 20, 2014

Repair List, September 2014

  • Bottom Job
  • Replaced Backing Plate/Spacer Speedometer Through-hull
  • Replaced Sea-Cock Saltwater Intake
  • Serviced and rebedded Saltwater Intake Through-Hull Fitting
  • Repaired 2 Damaged Keel areas (from long line Fishing incident)
  • Repaired 2 dozen or so Minor Hull Blisters
  • Replaced Missing Engine Intake Screen
  • Sanded & Painted Bottom
  • Mainsail
  • Purchased, Installed & Measured New Dacron Mainsail
  • Replaced Headboard Slug New Mainsail
  • Winches
  • Serviced 4 Major Winches
  • Repaired 2 Corroded Winch Bases
  • Modified Port Secondary three speed shift lever
  • Other Jobs
  • Repaired or replaced 4 Bug Screens
  • Sewed and Repaired Kevlar Mainsail Delamination at leech below 2nd reef
  • Cleaned and waxed Mast Aloft
  • Replaced Compass light & Wireing
  • Serviced Mercury Motor steering pivot
  • Re-Taped 3 Halyards
  • Serviced BBQ Gas Control
  • Changed Engine oil
  • Cleaned and painted 2 Cowl Vents
  • Serviced 8 Halyard & Sheet shackles
  • Repaired 4 Interior lights
  • Repaired Speaker Connection, Stbd Woofer
  • Inspected & Serviced Water Heater control valves
  • Sewed Torn US Ensign
  • Sewed 2 Mexican Courtesy Flags
  • Sewed Torn Laundry Bag
  • Digitized 6 Nautical Charts for Mexican Coast
  • Inspected 2 Rigging Components Aloft
  • Installed New gas BBQ
  • Replaced Sewing Machine Bobbin Case
  • Installed 2 New Water Catchment Pipes


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Boat Work in Chiapas

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wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Quiet Afternoon in Marina Chiapas

Sometimes we take a break from work. We spent one afternoon at the beach.

Judy at Playa Linda

Judy in the water

wingssail image-judy d jensenFred at the Beach


We had concerns about the new mainsail from Fareast sails. Measuring confirmed that they made a big error. The girths, MGU and MGM, measured short and the roach was tiny, not large as we had ordered. Too bad Fareast Sails are denying responsibility.

Measuring Mainsail


Foot of mainsail

Winch servicing: Always a big job

Winches Ready for Cleaning

Brush with Gasolene

New Bug Screens

Judy Sewing Bug Screen


Enrique Lifts Wings

Hull Looks Clean

Power Wash

Rain Halts Work


Geraldo & Momo remove Zinc


Ready for Relaunch

We stayed in Tapachula at Casa Mexicana

Volcana Tacana from Tapachula Street

Judy at Casa Mexicana

Casa Mexicana



Jungle in Courtyard


Room at Casa Mexicana

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Coffee Country

Hurricane Odile affects Venus' Friends

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wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Venus Lloyd

Venus, her dog Texas, her cat Ono, and her boat Sea-Renity

Venus, her animal friends, and her boat

The following photos were published by Latitude 38, Click Here, (the Shelly Ward Photo)
and Here, (the others)

You can go to 'Lectronic Latitude and see all of their stories.

Latitude 38 images-2014 Shelly Ward

Latitude 38 images-2014 Jill & Greg Delezynski / Guinevere
Guenter Trebbow

Latitude 38 images-© 2014 Jake Howard
Puerto Escondito

2014 Latitude 38 Publishing, LLC-Tere Grossman
San Carlos

Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons
Pacific hurricane tracks 1980-2005

Marina Chiapas ("X", lower right) has not had a hit from a hurricane since records have been kept.

Click here for the original image Wikipedia-Pacific hurricane tracks 1980-2005

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