Sunday, December 23, 2007


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Wat Pha Temple

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Candace & Fred

We took a ferry up the river to the Wat Pha temple

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wingssail image-fredrick roswold
Wat Pha

Is this statue a soldier or a businessman or a diplomat?

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Reclining Buddha

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Wat Pha

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After the Temple at Wat Pha we went to China Town where the Candace spotted a woman making flowers by hand on the sidewalk. Here she is negotiating for the ones she liked

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Got The Flowers

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Got the Flowers she wanted. Next?

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Trying on hats

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Candace & Judy
We spent a couple of hours wandering around lost in Chinatown, which some people thought was the perfect way to spend a day in Bangkok

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Ayutthaya Revisited

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Elephant Ride

We just had to try the elephant ride.

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Baby Elephant

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Candace Feeds Elephant

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Friends Meet Again

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Glee & Fred & Judy & Bryan

Bryan and Glee Butson from Australia are friends of ours since we sailed together with them in the Louisaides in 2003

Second Winds

What we liked about Bryan and Glee was that they got really involved with the people living the the places they visited, they sail Second Winds hard, and they seem to be unflappable in the face of the kinds of cruising problems which daunt most people.

I wrote a few words about Bryan in 2003 (look down in the story here ) but I never mentioned the contribution Glee has made to the Islands of Papua New Guinea where she has become the defacto health officer when ever she visits. And while I have told many friends the story I never wrote about the dark and windy night when Glee held a severely injured young girl in her arms as one of the local men ferried them across several miles of rough ocean in a small, open, outboard powered skiff. Going out blind in a small boat without lights and bouncing 10 miles in the rough seas during the night was not a trip that anyone else would have volunteered for, even the families of the girl declined to go, but Glee shamed the men into taking her and the child to Misima to the hospital. Once arriving in Misima she had to virtually force the medical people there to attempt the dangerous operatation on the girl, action that certainly saved the girl's life. (The girl had run through the village fish shack and got caught by the throat on a large, open, barbed shark fishing hook. The hook went in one side of her neck and out the other, missing by millimeters her jugular, but because of the barb, it could not be removed without a surgical team.)
The people of the village were already resigned to the girl's death when Glee intervened. The girl was saved. Glee is a hero.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sailors of Pollen Path

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Randy and Laura

The great thing about coming to Yacht Haven is that the yacht Pollen Path is here and more importantly, its owners Randy and Laura.

They are good people, great sailors, and have been friends of ours for a long time and we are very happy that we can be together with them for a while here in Thailand.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Randy & Laura on the Plain of Jars, Laos-Dec 2007

Randy Durbin and Laura Hacker-Durbin

Randy and Laura often take overland trips from their base aboard Pollen Path in Phuket. In 2007 they visited Laos including the Plain of Jars. A highlight was a slow boat up the Mekong River.

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Beautiful Herreshof Ketch

Pollen Path

Randy Durbin and a buddy build this boat and another exact duplicate (except rig) with Laura's support and help over seven years completing both hulls in 1988. Randy and Laura Hacker-Durban have been cruising aboard since 1992.

In 2008 they are based in Phuket Thailand. They have in recent years built a house on Martha's Vinayard Island in the Uunited States and they split their time between Thailand and the vinyard.

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

West Marine Turbo Pump doc

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wings' Crew-King's Cup 2007

This is an international crew we have collected over the last couple of years. Three of these people sailed with Judy and I in Hong Kong: Andy Kung (Swiss-Kiwi), Marco Wevers (Holland/Singapore), Tessa B(Holland/Singapore). The others, Tobias Ruff(Germany/Singapore) Jenni Clark(Australia/Singapore), Euan Wilcox(Australia/Singapore), Pierre-Yves Hadmar(France/Singapore), & Bob Wojda(USA) are sailors who joined us in Singapore. All of us are expats in Asia, so by definition we travel a bit. For that reason people miss race dates and practices. To fill in during these absences last year we had several other great crew all of whom we wish we could have brought to Phuket, including Mike Lim, Brendon McNiven, Ana Famula, Godwin Bonvia, Richard Peel, Richard Lamble.

We love all of these folks, and they are great sailors.

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Jenni-Halyards & Cockpit


Andy-Trimmer-Engineer-Essential Kiwi


Bob-Main & Tactics


Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Phuket Thailand

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Sail By on King's Birthday

On Wednesday the fleet celebrated the King's Birthday by saluting his representative aboard a Thai Navy ship. The whole fleet sailed by the anchored navy vessel and the crews lines the rail to give the salute. Many crews wore yellow clothing but we were unprepared for this, so we donned yellow ties for the salute. Afterwards we sailed to the starting area for the day's race.

wingssail image-fredrick roswold
wingssail images-Tessa
In Ties
Navy Ship



wingssail images-Marco Wevers

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Sail By to Honor the King of Thailand-King's Cup, 2007

Race Scenes-King's Cup 2007

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