Saturday, July 07, 2007


wingssail image-Judy Jensen
Jibing in light air

This time we didn't keep the kite filled through the jibe, but it filled again in a second, and we are definitely showing some improvement in the boat handling.

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wingssail image-Judy Jensen

Down at the left end of the line a few boats get set up for the start. The J-24 in this photo played a role in the sequence which happened later.

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Start Line

Wingssail Image-Judy Jensen
Foxy Lady

Here we come reaching in while Foxy Lady points up. I had room to stay above them, but a few seconds after this shot the J-24 on his bow (not visable but you can see their wake) tacked to port and we had nowhere to go. I dodged down to miss the J-24 getting quite close to Foxy Lady and Bill took offence to that and hoisted a protest flag. Later, after he won the race, he decided he didn't need to spend Sunday afternoon in the protest room so he didn't file. Too bad, it would have been an interesting discussion.

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wingssail image-Judy Jensen

There are boats of all sizes and types in our small fleet sailing out of Raffles Marina. Here the Singapore Managment University J 24 jibes across the bow of Swan 53 Frangi Pangi Girl and one of the sport boats crosses astern.


Baby Shower on the Dock

wingssail image-Fredrick Roswold

The crew of Wings takes a few minutes to shower Tessa and Marco with gifts for the baby soon to come.

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More Crew Shots

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Wingssail Images-Fredrick Roswold-Judy Jensen




I didn't manage to get a close up of Richard this time, but I will next time.


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