Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Parked in Palau

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Sam's Tours-Royal Belau Yacht Club

Palau has some of the most protected small harbors we've ever seen. Here we are way in the back of one small place where Sam has his bar and hotel and dive shop. To get here you go into a lagoon inside of a lagoon inside of a lagoon. We couldn't stay here but the anchorage nearby is just about as good. We did get water here however. Thanks Sam


Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Rock Islands Solitude

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Palau Rock Island area is famous for its beauty and exclusivity; you need a permit to enter here and some areas are off limits. Anyhow, we expected it to be scenic.

What we didn't expect, since about 7000 tourists a month come here and it seems like they all take boat trips out into the Rock Islands, was the solitude.

Most of the Rock Island anchorages are absolutely quiet and waters are often as still as mill ponds.

We also found boisterous sailing conditions at times, and reef strewn waters, so there is excitement too.

Unfortunately we don't have photos of that part. Some film we bought in Papau New Guinea was bad and we lost a number of good shots.


Forbidden Territory in Palau

wingssail image-fredrick roswold
Tiny Lagoon

We had ventured far from where we anchored Wings, down to the far end of the Palau Lagoon, near the "Big Drop Off" where divers from all over the world congregate. After a long snorkle in very nice conditions we nosed our dingy into this tiny lagoon and went ashore. It was very nice.

Soon, however, a Palau park ranger chased us out. "Not allow to visit this place" he said with a friendly but firm smile.

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Palau Sand Spit

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We found a place away from the tourist crowds which is actually an easy thing to do in Palau; it is neither heavily populated nor widely exploited. Here as the tide went out a long sandspit was exposed and we walked in quiet solitude.


Afternoon Sky-Palau

wingssail image-fredrick roswold
Afternoon Sky

It was getting to be time to head back to Wings

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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Mikado Cove

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If there ever was a bullet-proof anchorage this is it: small, deep, totally protected, and to top it off, beautiful.

When the forecast called for some wind we came in here and sat quietly for a couple of days with birds flying around while overhead the clouds flew by and we knew from the motion of the trees at the top of the ridge that it was blowing like stink out there.

We didn't mind.

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