Thursday, January 11, 2007

First Look at the New Sails


We hoisted the new sails and went racing before we even had time to see how they should set and be trimmed. Only looking at the photos later did we see that a few lines needed a bit more pulling and tugging


On the Wind

Wingssail Image: Judy Jensen

Carrying the kite on a very close reach isn't the fastest way to go; often a headsail reach is quicker. But sometimes it is fun, and when your competitor is right behind you, and he is carrying a kite, maybe you don't want to take the chance of letting him get by. So you you choose not to drop the spinnaker.



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Close Reaching In Johore Straits

Photo: Kledkofoed

There is something about the flat green water of a broad river delta on a hot, windy tropical day when you can work the boat upwind for an hour and then the mark appears out of the haze right where it should and you call the lay-line perfectly, and set the kite for the trip home. Now that is what I like.

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Rope Burns

Pierre's Hand

Pierre held the main sheet a bit too long during a jibe and he got a real bad rope burn from two ropes across all four fingers. The burns don't show here very well, but I can tell you that Pierre was miserable for a few hours after the race.


After The Race

Tessa's parents join us for an "after the race" beer, and Joe (her dad) sailed with us and was a great crew member.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sail Repair

I've been doing this after every race, and you can only patch together these old laminated sails for so long. We have a new main and genoa now. This #3 is on it's last legs too I think.


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