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Coyote Bay

Friday, May 18, 2018

Santa Rosalia

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Glasspar Superlite

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Glasspar Brochure
Glasspar Superlite

From Brochure

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Glasspar Superlite in Namibia

This boat has been modified with a large rubber bumper all around and seats in the interior, but the hull shape is unmistakable, it's a Glasspar Superlite.

Altata, Mexico

Here is the one we found in Altata, Mexico

Side view

I couldn't see the bottom, possibly it has severe damage, but it's all repairable, except the missing hardware. That is probably not replaceable.

Interior is a wreck

WOW! I found another one!

Glasspar Superlite #3

I saw this one through the binoculars and went ashore to check it out. The owners were there and I even talked to them about buying it. It might be possible but complications exist.

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The Second Sand Dune

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wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Fred Throws the Lead Line

If you do this like this photo shows, you can take soundings while underway. The lead line gets straight down just as you pass it.

Wings and the Dingy

Dingy Pulled Up

Judy and the Sand Dune

Fred Runs Down the Sand Dune


South Wind


Fishing Boat at Night

Two Birds, Our Friends

Fishing boat next to us

Two Birds

Incoming, with a stick

Whoa! What's that human doing there?

Nevermind, I'll jettison the stick

Leaving via the Busy Shipping Channel

Spin in a pile

Thursday morning the wind was light and seemed, according to the forecasts, like it would be all day, so I decided to set the kite and try to get some sailing in. I was prepared to sit and steer all day if I needed to. However, as we tried to hoist it the kite blew out of the bag and over the bow of the boat. Judy saw it and told me, "Hoist quickly before it goes under the boat!" but I was too slow, in an instant it went totally under the boat.

It took us an hour to get it back on board, a jib hoisted, and everything cleared away. The spinnaker had an eight foot tear in it besides being completely soaking wet with salt water.

It took another hour to dry the torn part and fix it. Now it is piled in the cockpit getting slowly turned over so the sun can dry it.

Meanwhile, the wind came up to 17-21 knots and we had a great sail to the north, with a jib, not a spinnaker.

Fred Stands Watch

Crew Work (camera operator)

Downwind Sailing

Looking behind us

Night Running

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