Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sailing North

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wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Barra de Navidad

Barra Marina and Lagoon
Since this shot five boats have left to go north. Maybe they need to lower prices and improve amenities, such as drinkable water. The occupancy in the hotel is low as well.

Water Sliding in the Grand Hotel Pool

Marina Office

Wings and Peregrine
This boat to our port side is another Serendipity 43, Peregrine, owned by Gene and Sue. We met them first in Vanuatu in 2000, and from there they beat us back to Mexico (we didn't know it was a race!). They are the first serendipity 43 to sail around the world. Now they live in California, I believe.

Beach Restaurant in Barra de Navidad

Fuel tank

This looks benign now, but a few days ago we had a fuel blockage and when I went to investigate the tank turned into a gusher; I got diesel on my face, in my eyes, in my hair, and in my mouth, to say nothing of on my clothing and all over the boat. Dang that sucks.

John and Elinore cruised with us most of the time we were south this year. Good friends.

Tenacatita Sunset

Sailing to Chamela

Wings Anchored at Pajarera, Chamela Islands

Rugged scenery

Rock awash

Black Vultures




Black Beaked Whistling Ducks


Mama Sea Gull and Baby


Perula Point Scenery

White Water

Axe Man
Can you see the man wielding an axe in these rocks? Rumour is that it was an actual man who was turned to stone by a local witch doctor.

White Water Close

Perula Beach

Pineapple Vendor

House in Perula (F & M Limon)

Beach Bar

Chamela's miles long beach and mountains behind, Beautiful!

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