Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Las Hadas-Manzanillo

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Arrival at Las Hadas

Manzanillo, Old Town

Old Manzanillo looks about the same as before, up close it is tacky and there are lots of shuttered shops and buildings. It is a consequence of the movement to the suburbs. Happens every where.

Manzanillo Old Town

Manzanillo Old Town

Manzanillo Panga Fleet

Town Sculpture & Marching Girls

Judy approaches the sculpture

Hill and steps

Judy Meets Dr. Gutierrez

Colonial Hotel

Wall Hanging

Las Hadas

The eye catching hillside of Las Hadas is a condominium complex which seems to be falling into disrepair. I wandered around and found it empty and poorly maintained.

Return to Las Hadas, Tower

Las Hadas, from the boat

Looking down

Zig Zag Hallway

Plants on Balcony


Dark Hallway


By Brisas Hotel

Also part of the Ls Hadas complex is the by Brisas Hotel, which looked very nice, although they didn't allow us to enjoy their facilities as promised in the guide books. We did anyhow, for a while, then they kicked us out.

Hotel Pool
Judy is swimming in the pool in this photo.


Plaza and archway

Must have been Two Angels



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