Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Tenacatita River Ride

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wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Cat-2-Fold in Tenacatita, full of kids

A real sailor leaves the bay

At the river mouth

We met with several of the crews from other boats for a cruise up the river. Well, it technically is not a river, it is a slough, since it is all salt water. We took this cruise in our dingy 19 years ago, so it would be fun to go back.

Gathering on the river shore

Christian Mike and Judy

Brian and Beo

Headed up the river

Mike and Chuck off the yacht Easy

I had a boat named "Easy" years ago.

The flotilla proceeds


Judy and I poured on the power and passed the slow moving crowd. It doesn't look like it here but we are flying along the water, which is smooth at glass. The here river gets narrow and it takes some attention to drive up the narrow channel at full speed. One error and you are in the mangroves, maybe with a hacked off mangrove root spearing your dingy, or worse, you.

We spooked some birds with our fast approach, just like we did 19 years ago.

White bird flushed

All this time I am steering with one hand and shooting with the other, and trying to thread the narrow channel, and Judy is pretty vocal about it, "Slow down!" she shouts. Pretty soon I do.

The flotilla arrives at the lagoon at the other end.

From here we can walk to the beach, and there is the "aquarium" which has good snorkeling. It was better 20 years ago.

Going to the beach

Water sports

Hanging out with cruisers

Christian climbs a coconut tree

Homeward bound in the late afternoon

Now we are on the move ourselves


Barra de Navidad

The Grand hotel

We were here in 1998, it was new then and impressive, and it is still impressive.

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