Friday, August 09, 2019

Cruise Photos

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We motored into the lagoon following our planned route between the sand bars and shallows. Near the island we anchored, ready to relax.

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
This is Barra Lagoon

Anchored in Barra Lagoon

First however, we put up the bug screens mainly to keep out the flies. There weren't many but even one or two in the cabin can really "bug" us. How do flies show up out here in the anchorage? Are they seeing us from the shore and flying out to investigate? Or are they cruising around everywhere, even over the water in the bay, looking for anything fun?

Nice Light in the cockpit

Time to cook some Chilis


Mike and Judy on Honu gave us a Lucy Light which has a solar cell and charges up in the daytime and can light up the boat at night.
Lucy Light

Mangroves in Barra Lagoon

All winter long and most of the spring there is no rain on Mexico's West coast. The hills turn a grey brown.
Brown Hills

But within two days after the first rain they all turn green.
Green Hills

Once the rain came we used our water catching awning to collect the sweet clean rain water. After our water tanks were full we saved a little more in these water bottles.
Saving rain water

The summer skies are not often blue
Green hills, dark sky

Steaming jungle

Not too many cruisers out here on the west coast during the summer, but Ted and Brenda on Firefly were staying in the Barra de Navidad Marina. We hung out with them a bit.
Judy meets Brenda at the View

Ted has the Motorbike

Ted and Brenda

Next stop for Wings was an anchorage between the islands in Chemala Bay.
Pajara Island

Pajara Island

We also anchored near the town of Perula. This coast here is stunning.Next time we'll spend more time exploring.
Punta Perula

Time to head back to La Cruz.

Judy finds shade

Between Cabo Corrientes and Chamela the coast is mostly empty and beautiful. We've tacked this coast in northerly winds several times. Because the wind shifts to the NE it's best to stay to shore, on the inside of the shift. We go in to a depth of 50 feet, quite close, then tack out. On this trip after Roca Negro the wind died and we sailed for two hours but only went 7 miles. After that we started the motor.
The coast

We have sun awnings which we can put up but if you are tacking frequently (they have to be taken down on each tack) we just use an umbrella.
Judy on watch

wingssail image-judy jensen
Sailing easy

Back in La Cruz we got tied up, hooked up the air conditioner, and had a relaxing drink.
Rum and scotch

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