Saturday, March 30, 2019

BBR and After

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wingssail images-lisa diel
Waiting for the racing to begin

Good upwind speed

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First at Top Mark

Setting the light air kite

wingssail images-lynne mazzie
Two Boats Draw Near

Contact! Disqualification Olas!
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wingssail images-lisa diel
Sailing in the swells

jdl digital media images
Half a leg ahead

In this photo the boat with the yellow spinnaker, Sirocco, is in second place behind Wings. They have yet to round the leeward mark while Wings is already half way up the beat. The other boats are further back.

Busy After-guard
John (holding the "brick") is setting our course for the next mark, Richard (tan ball cap) is tracking the boat to weather of us, calling the tactical situation, Judy is leading the sheet for a spinnaker, (in case we set one), and Pete is trimming the jib, keeping us going during all of this. Fred is steering,

Great Sailing in Banderas Bay

We spend a lot of time dogging Olas Lindas

In this shot, in another race, we are quite close to Olas Lindas and in the handicapping they owe us about 6 minutes in this race, so we're actually ahead. All we have to do is hang in there, which we did. Unfortunately Sirocco had gotten by and were far ahead. If we'd pushed a little harder we could have beaten them too, but we hadn't considered them a threat and we failed to cover.

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Happy Crew

Sailing Home

The racing is over and we are happy as we sail home. It is the end of the season and it's been a good year.

John steers, Richard and Pete








wingssail images-lisa diel
Final sailing day

This Wednesday, March 13, is our final scheduled sailing day. There isn't really a race but we just wanted to go out. After this any sailing we do is just plain fun; most of the crew won't be here. But on this day we had a blast and ended it up with a Hamburger BBQ back at the dock

I'm not sure who was steering, I was on the rail.

Spinnaker up, and we're moving.

Here we see nearly 10 knots of boat speed

After a jibe

Fred Steering

Cindy was along, she enjoyed the ride.

Don, the forward hand

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Friends and neighbors join us for the BBQ

Hamburger Party

wingssail images-judy sawyer
Fred Cooks

Kelly Munches

Rod waves


Fred & Elinore

wingssail videos

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