Monday, July 15, 2019

Tenacatita and Barra

Wild water near Tenacatita anchorage



NW Winds
In NorthWest winds we stay in Tenacatita

SE Winds
In SE winds we move to La Manzanilla

A group of Jack Crevalle are down there


Big Jack

Going for a dingy ride up the river


This Heron just kept going in front of us

At the Hotel we stopped for a look.

These horses are for hotel guests, they ride on the beach.

Back at the mouth of the river

We can watch Wings tucked in behind the point.

Judy comes out of the surf

The Restaurant Vena

Judy with a Margarita


Back in Barra Lagoon, ultimate peace

Ready to BBQ

Chilis and scotch
After I seared the skin on these Judy removed the skin and stuffed them with rice, cheese, almond crème sauce and more (secret) and dipped them in egg white before frying. Delicious! Sorry we didn't get a photo of the finished product, but we were too busy eating them. Yummy

Chicken Breast

Judy is below deck

Barra Lagoon

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