Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Finding Falmouth

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wingssail images-judy jensen
Fred Steers on a nice day

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Schooner "Tree of Life" ghosts along towards Falmouth
Coming into Falmouth we watched this beautiful schooner ghost along in the Caribbean Sea south of Antigua.

Schooner "Tree of Life" beats into Falmouth

Soon it was beating into the harbor, and they anchored just astern of us.

The super yacht "A"

At the Antigua Yacht Club Marina we spotted the huge and spectacular yacht "A", 390 feet, owned by a Russian oligarch. This vessel is fantastic.

It costs about $1,000,000 just to fill the fuel tank on this vessel.

A Tall Sloop anchors behind us at night
In the night a big sloop came in and anchored behind us. We saw them by the lights on thier mast.

"A" Starboard Side

"A" from Port Bow

Antigua Yacht Club Marina

After "A" these boats look small and insignificant, yet they each would dwarf Wings, Its all relative.

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