Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Samsung F480-mini review

wingssail image-fredrick roswold
Samsunf F480

Here is another shot of the new phone.

I've been wanting a new phone for about a year but couldn't make up my mind which one to get. Most of my colleagues have iphones but I have this aversion to following the crowd. Anyhow, the 3G iphone is quite expensive without a contract here in Asia and it is not sold in Thailand with a contract. So I waited.

After seeing the adverts for this model, (it is 3G, touch screen, 5 mp camera & several other cool features) I went to the Samsung Mobile Phone Shop at Esplande to try it out (many other stores in Bangkok which would carry this phone only have display models for you to look at, and they don't work, so its hard to evaluate the phone and it's screen). The Moblie Phone Shop had one which was a real phone and it worked. OK, I liked it, now what?

Backorder. Put your name on a list. Hope they call you when the next batch come in.

After a week I called them back. "Yes, we have your phone, can you come in today to pick it up?" (Nevermind why they didn't call me, this is Thailand). I went to the store and got the last one (lucky me). At home I spend much of the weekend playing with it, including taking the following sequence of shots(here). The phone is well made and has a nice heft. The screen is bright and high contrast. The phone is very quick, too quick for me sometimes. The interface takes a little practice for some of the operations, like scrolling a long list, but I'm getting it. Text messages are easy, even without qwerty. The music player has great sound but weak capabilities for handling the library of music I put on it. The connectivity to the PC is good, but not solid. The camera is very good, but the video camera is low resolution compared to the still camera. There are lots of options and modes for the camera including a face recognition feature but I don't know what it does. When Thailand gets it's 3G networks up and running then I'll try the web features. All in all I am very happy.

The hardest part was getting a good photo of it with the screen lit up. Our eyes can do it but digital photography has a problem with the contrast range. I manipulated this shot to get it about right.



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