Saturday, August 02, 2008


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One weekend we rented a car and drove to Ratchaburi for our friend Martin's wedding.

In Ratchaburi we found old style rickshaws still in use. You don't see these in Bangkok

We went down to the old part of Ratchaburi and walked around.
Traffic? Not Here
Not much traffic on this street. We took the car down one of these and almost didn't get through.

Motor Bike Delivery Truck

Is this man moving house or delivering goods?

CD's over Fruit

The hanging CD's are supposed to keep flies away. Does it work? We don't know.


It takes a tall antenna to get a TV signal in Ratchaburi

Ratchaburi Super Market

More Street Goods

Somebody lives on this street

Fishing on the river

David Thornell & Judy
David rode with us to Rachaburi to Martin's wedding. He wanted to take a train ride back to Bangkok and we took him to the train station.

Our ride for the trip: a nice BMW 330

Rachaburi Train Station

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