Saturday, August 02, 2008

Photos from a River Tour-Thailand 2008

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Bridge Over River Kwai
This icon from WWII and movie fame is now a tourist destination.

Bridge over River Kwai

Walking over the River Kwai
This bridge seemed very small, like a model or a reconstruction, but it is the real thing, the Bridge Over The River Kwai.

Notice the sign: what to do when a train comes? (click photo to enlarge)

River Kwai Speed Boats: available for tours
We spotted these boats from the bridge.

These are the engines on the long tail boats at Kanchanaburi. They are a different kind of long tail: they are light weight and fast. They are brightly painted on the outside and highly varnished on the inside, and they have two unique features: stepped hulls and engines with gear shifts.

We rode on the one in the back and I estimate that it went at least 50 mph on one flat strech of river.

We Took a ride
This speedy little boat was great fun: fast, smooth, scenic.

River Kwai & Myanmar
We stopped at several points on the river. At this one we walked up the hill and took this photo of Myanmar (Bhurma)

Unique River Kwai Speedboat
Firther down stream, in the town of Kanchanaburi, we sped past house boats used for dinner cruises. They are towed around full of dining tourists by small tug boats.

River Scene at Kanchanaburi

Floating Restaurant
We had dinner here; it remained tied to shore. the food was good.

A Thai specialty is whole fried fish. It was very nice and the beer was cold and cheap.

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