Sunday, January 08, 2012

Rope Splices and Stove Repair

Our dock lines were 25 years old and served us well. We will always remember buying them off the bargain table at the Fisheries Supply swap meet all those years ago, but it's time for new ones (Africa finally put paid to the old ones) so a trip to Southern Ropes was in order. Soon we had 100 feet of new 18mm twelve braid nylon (in dark blue) which only needed a few eye splices to be ready to go into service. I got out the fids and went to work.

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wingssail images-judy jensen
Got my tools

Burying the core

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Finished Splices

Stove rebuild

We have been avoiding working on the Force-10 but there were too many problems; we knew we could not head out across the Atlantic with a stove which barely worked, so finally we took it out of the galley and put it on the bench.

Major dissasembly followed.

Stove on The Work Bench

New Valve and Custom Clamp

We found a couple of new gas valves for the burner and the oven but the clamps for the gas rail was different, and for the new valves, were missing. So we made this one from brass stock and it worked perfectly.

wingssail images-judy jensen
Hard at work

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Finished Stove

These Force-10 stoves are unreliable and finicky, and the parts and service support is really poor, so we don't expect that this nicely refurbished unit will be trouble free for us, but right at the moment, it looks nice and everything works,



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