Friday, May 22, 2009

Bor Sang Umbrella Factory, Chiang Mai

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Bor Sang

The Bor Sang umbrella factory is near Chang Mai, Northern Thailand

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Anonymous Rochelle said...

I've just arrived back from Thailand and I have to say the umbrella factory in Bor Sang was one of my favorite visits! I ordered six beautiful big umbrellas in the mandarin color and I brought a smaller coral colored one home in my suitcase. The colors were amazing and it was so refreshing and inspiring to see these beautiful objects made by these great people. Your adventures sound fantastic! You must have many a tale to tell. I have twins who are graduating from high school this year, and I've finally convinced one of them to take a year off before college and travel. He will be going to Southeast Asia in the fall. Yahoo. I may have to pay him a visit. The things one HAS to do! Bye

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