Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Every Afternoon a Squall Blows Through

wingssail images-fredrick roswold

Nice Sail

Squall Arrives

Jim, from Laughing Bhudda, sailed with us.

Black Sky

Sailing In the Rain
wingssail image-judy jensen

We got wet but Jim loved it. He has a good attitude.

Judy Secures The Jib

I noticed some problems with image compression effects on these images with the dark sky. I noticed it on my samsung LCD monitor but it does not appear on the Dell notebook with higher resolution. I have tried out some techniques such as different format (PNG) and various dpi settings to resolve it but the images all have the effect on the samsung monitor. To see what I am talking about look at the sky on the last photo and if you see various colors in it blocked into sections you are seeing the effect. In the original photo this sky is a continous dark color. Try to double click on the image and when it opens full size if you see the effect clearly then you have the same problem that I do with these images. If anybody has an idea how to upload an image like this so that it works on all monitors let me know, I'd like the learn a way to do that.

Back Home
By late afternoon it was completely calm again.

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