Tuesday, June 26, 2018

After The Hurricane

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wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Puerto Escondido Before the Hurricane

This is normal Baja Weather

Puerto Escondido After the Hurricane

We've never seen it like this before

Looking North from Candeleros

Judy looks for Agua Verde

Late in the day the rugged coastline was hard to decipher. Where was the entrance to Agua Verde? Judy was perplexed. I said, "Never mind, we have to tack somewhere before we get there, we'll just tack when we are close to the shore and sail along until the chart says we're there. Then we'll turn in."

Judy still wanted to see it.

Agua Verde, we found it.

Wings in Agua Verde

Wings in Agua Verde, close


House on the beach

This house is empty and fenced, and funnily, it's been here at least twenty years. We have a snap shot of it in our album taken in 1997. What is the story of this house?

Town of Agua Verde

In amongst the scrub trees and bushes there are a few houses, a school, maybe a church somewhere. We found a small store, nothing cold. In Agua Verde there is no electricity and therefore no refers. We also were unable to buy any water. They must have been hoarding it. We thought we'd have dinner at the small beach restaurant but when they said no cold beer, we decided to go back to Wings. (20 years ago we had a goat roast here with several cruisers. They do herd goats here).

Beautiful sequence of white birds


Frigate Bird

Heron with brown head


Wings and tall mountains

Sailing on

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is crazy Agua Verde has not changed one little bit. Were there any other boats there? As usual greats pix and verbiage.
Cheers, Jimmy

7:38 PM GMT+8  

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