Monday, May 23, 2016

Sea of Cortez, Going North

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wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Looking for Wind
Found Wind! Judy Gets the Most Out of It
Loa Gatos
Los Gatos
Whale Bones
Black Vultures
Jagged Rock Cliff
wingssail images-judy jensen
Fred & Cactus
Wings at Anchor
Table Cloth in Baja
We learned that this cloud coming over the mountains in Baja means the same thing it does in at Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa: Wind! The Cool Pacific air is pushed up the west side of these mountains, where it gets even cooler, then is rushes down the east slopes and hits the waters near the shore with gusty winds. If you see this in the morning, watch out!
Brain Waves, Fast boat, Great Sailors
Jim Brainard & Deb Ehler

Aqua Verde
Aqua Verde
Sea of Cortez
Aqua Verde
Aqua Verde
The Gigantes

Sorry I lost the other shots. Next time, I promise, I'll get them.

Puerto Escondito

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