Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hanging out in Puerto Azul

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wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Puerto Azul

Lots of shade needed in Puntarenas

Neighbor's worker washed their boat daily, I need him.

Morning Swim at Puerto Azul


View across the river, it is quiet here

Mangled Impeller

It's not that we didn't fix anything, this impeller, for example, while amazingly still pumping plenty of water to keep things cool in the engine department, wouldn't have done so for long, so we replaced it. After we used our last spare impeller replacing this one a really helpful guy named Paul Jimenez at Encargado Tienda, the marine hardware store we found, got us two new spares for a good price and delivered them! We also repaired a leak at the mast partners, fixed a broken oar, and basically have found one or more boat project to do each day. And that is in addition to swimming in the morning, going to town on the bus and searching out a good bar for happy hour.

Tough life.

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