Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sailing to Port Elizabeth

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wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Leaving Durban, Judy stands watch


Whales spout!


wingssail images-judy jensen
Later: It gets rougher-Sail Getting away

wingssail images-judy jensen
Fred works to bring it back

Foredeck is clean

wingssail images-judy jensen

Boisterous upwind

Cruising Now

Water got aboard
The sailing was beautiful but we started to get a lot of water aboard. Steaming 7 knots to windward in big, steep seas, the bow would knock tons of water into the air which would then land on deck and come flowing back, filling the cockpit. That doesn't show in these shots, but it was happening.(I didn't get a shot of this; I was worried about the camera getting drenched so it went under my coat when I saw a big wave coming.)

We were also dipping the bow into the deepest of the troughs and when it came up some water came back then too.

But during this all none of the water got below. Good boat.

A little water on board

wet shoes

Judy looks to see what is going on

Water in the cockpit

Overnight the wind calmed down, the seas flattened, and the expected northerly filled. By the early hours we had strong northerly winds and at dawn we were flying south in waves nearly as big as the day before, only behind us now.

Downwind on Monday

Jib poled out and full main

Looking astern

We made it to Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth fishing fleet

Algona Bay Yacht Club-A great club

I fell in love with this place. A great little club with a nice place to sail, heaps of wind (Port Elizabeth is "the Windy City") and a good racing program.

View from the hill

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