Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blue Peter Flys Again

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wingssail images
Crew Lines Up

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Ready to go

Wings in Le Caudan

Visitors from Kathmandu

Strangely, a group of men from Kathmandu came by to see us off, so to speak. They invited us to Nepal but I told them I didn't think we could make it there, with the pirates and all, not to mention that Nepal is not on the water.

They left a couple of name cards anyhow, Nabin Maharjan & Mahesh Kumar Thapaliya. If we do get to Kathmandu, maybe by plane, we'll call on them.

Nepalese guys wave goodbye

Patrick & Valerie


Patrick & Valerie

We've only been in Mauritius a short time but Patrick and Valerie have become good friends. I've always been happiest when I can hang out at the marina and talk about boats and boat projects with another good sailor. Patrick fits the bill for that purpose. He loves his boat and he's often down here just messing about and I can usually harass him about something or other which I think he should do differently or not at all. This is the best way; he has to try to get something done I just give opinions about how to do it, which I have to say he takes with excellent humor and gives some back as well.

Haere Maru is a great boat and Patrick and his wife Valerie, a lovely Tahitian woman with a ready smile, are preparing for their own trip as well to Cargado Carajos Shoals (or Saint Brandon's, as it is known here abouts) a beautiful and remote place in the Indian Ocean a few hundred miles north of here. We wish we were going with them but, as we must do if we are to be sailors, we will part company before that.

We'll miss them.

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