Monday, August 02, 2010

Chart Showing Our Trip to Sumatra

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wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Crossing to Sumatra

This chart shows many things:
1. Rumb Line, the direct route from Thailand to Sumatra (Blue Line)
2. Our actual route (Purple Line), this is our path for two days.
3. Wind barbs or representations (colored flags). The red ones mean we can expect twenty knots, instead we had 43 knots
4. Ship traffic close to us(green triangles)
5. Our position at the end of Day Two, finally out of the wind

This doesn't look like much: the wind isn't that strong, the distance not too great. But in reality the wind was as high as 43, not twenty, and the seas were rough.

Out strategy was to go left of the rumb line to get out of the wind, and we did that. On day three we tacked and sailed due west to our destination.

The ships, on the other hand, were never a worry even though the chart shows so many of them. Actually our new AIS system kept us aware of the traffic and kept us from any surprises. That part, even in 35 knots of wind, was easy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow you seem to have been hit by the storm we had here later on singapore, flooding, trees down, committee boats sinking at RSYC regatta, must have been real tough...

Thinking of you.


9:01 PM GMT+8  

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