Monday, December 14, 2009

Back On The Hard

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We needed to haul Wings back out of the water to fix the stern tube (you might remember the story about this problem or the photos).

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
In The Sling


Working on the Shaft
As soon as we were in the stand we had a tent built inside Wings and I was inside it with a grinder working on the fiberglass.

All Fixed

The engine box doesn't look much better, I'll admit, but everything has been cleaned, refurbished, and repaired, and that included the shaft, stern tube, the flange, packing gland and while we were at it, we also removed and reconditioned the Westerbeke Hydro Hush muffler, which has been untouched for 27 years! It looks fine.

Meanwhile, here are other shots from the boat Yard and Rebak Marina area
Moon River

Chris and Hillary from New Zealand have this beautiful Herreshoff and they just finished a new a paint job and other projects.

White Chair

Neighor's Boat

Meanwhile here is the french couple next dooor's beautiful aluminium "romantic" yacht.

Rebak Entrance


Dock Party

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