Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Avon, Inflated, Goes Overboard

wingssail image-judy jensen

We inflate the dingy on deck and simply push it over the side. This is possible because our Avon is a fully inflateable dingy, including the floor, so it is light-weight and easily handled. This is a big benefit to us, but the real reason we have this type of dingy is that it, when deflated, rolls up completely into a small bundle which we can keep below decks when we go to sea.

Most cruisers these days opt for a rigid inflateable boat (RIB) which has a solid fibreglass bottom. These are better boats, meaning that they handle better and are more rugged, but they cannot be dissassemled like our soft dingy. If you own a rigid inflateable you have to keep it on deck, where it is in the way and also exposed to seas which might sweep over your boat in heavy weather, or worse, hanging on davits of the stern.

We strongly believe that our approach is represents better seamanship.



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