Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Laem Phrao

wingssail image-fredrick roswold
Mosque at Laem Phrao

From the marina, on quiet days, we can hear the mullahs calling the faithful to prayer in the village of Laem Phrao. There is one mullah there who has a beautiful voice and hearing it echo over the water to where we sit on Wings is magical.

When we walk up the hill to the village we never hear it the same way, and we don't know who it is who has this voice, but the friendly people and the happy kids of this peaceful village is make it magical even up close.

Muslim Kids

There are eleven speed bumps in this tiny village for good reason: It keeps the speed down and the road is safe for the local kids.


It's hard to say if this boy is helping or being mischievous.

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